You probably want to know more about me if you got here. So... let me introduce to you.

a picture of my face

This guy in the picture above is me!

Yeah, years ago I looked better.

I started my technical studies when I was thirteen, at that time I was trying to make my own virtual game. Until I was sixteen I worked with some freelance projects trying to obtain some experience in diferent projects and languages. After that time I decided to make a living from programming, so I entered in my first company and I haven't stopped since.

Below you can see some tecnologies that I worked.

    I currently spend my time working at a fintech company and building some side projects as I can't sit idle for long.

    Ah... I was already forgetting! I really love pixel art and coffee (this part is cliché).

    Feel free to e-mail me or DM me!

    Have a nice navigation!